Working with GLEC Accredited Partners

Our accredited partners are easy to identify

You can use external support to set up and manage your logistics emission accounting. This includes Logistics Emissions Calculation tools, Green Freight Programs and professional advisors (coming) accredited by Smart Freight Centre as conforming with the GLEC Framework. Our accredited partners bear the Smart Freight Centre accreditation logo with an accompanying statement about their ability to deal with different types of data, different modes, and any geographical restrictions. We recommend consulting with each organization to really understand how they can support your needs. For more information, see the Logistics Emissions Accounting and Reduction Network (LEARN) Project

So far we have accredited the following parties.
To read the Accreditation Statements, click the links:

Calculation Tools

EcoTransIT World - Accreditation Statement
- Accreditation Statement
- Accreditation Statement
Fraunhofer IML
- Accreditation Statement
- Accreditation Statement

Green Freight Programs

Green Freight Asia
- Accreditation Statement
Clean Cargo Working Group (Clean Cargo) - Accreditation Statement

TMS Systems

Carrypicker - Accreditation Statement