Working with GLEC Accredited Partners

Why GLEC accreditation scheme?

If you're considering to use a third party calculation tool for calculation and reporting, or feel that you could benefit from joining a green freight program, that's why we have launched an accreditation scheme. This will help you choose the right calculation tool provider, increase your ability to combine data from different tools and programs, as well as ease the assurance process and data reporting to schemes such as CDP.

Our accredited partners have been assessed successfully against the accreditation scheme criteria about their ability to deal with different types of data, different logistics modes and any geographical restrictions.

Our Accredited Partners

Each accredited partner is issued with an individual accreditation certificate which lasts for 12 months before a renewal is required.
Green Freight Asia aims to help lower fuel consumption across Asia-Pacific sourced road freight movements.
Ecotransit World Logo
EcoTransIT World calculates environmental impacts of different transport modes across the world. Their expertise covers logistics modes including, Road, Rail, Air, Inland waterway, and Sea logistics site.