• Smart freight leadership

    SFC simplifies the pathway for companies to become a Smart Freight Leader... >

  • Glec

    The GLEC Framework enables a company to understand its carbon footprint alongside cost and time to decide the best way to transport its goods....>

  • Smart trucks Platform

    STP helps companies find the right technologies and measures for trucks and fleet operations...>

About smart freight centre

Smart Freight Centre (SFC) was established in 2013 as a global non-profit organization that leads the way to a more efficient and environmentally sustainable global freight and logistics sector ... >

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Leading multinationals are asking the EC to target 24% cut in CO2 by 2025 At 27% of total EU emissions, transport is Europe’s biggest climate proble... >

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Sophie's Blog

Multinationals that lead the way to logistics emissions transparency In April 2017, we released our vision for ‘Smart Freight Leadership’. Be a lea... >

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