• Smart freight leadership

    SFC drives industry leadership and takes the development of industry programs to a global level... >

  • Glec

    The Global Logistics Emissions Council is creating one universal and transparent way of calculating logistics emissions across the global multi-modal supply chain...>

  • Green trucks china

    Catalyzing the sector-wide adoption of proven and cost-effective technologies and measures...>

About smart freight centre

Smart Freight Centre (SFC) was established in 2013 as a global non-profit organization and aims to make the global freight sector more efficient and environmentally sustainable... >

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30-10-2015 SFC Rubber Hits the Road Chinese carriers are installing high quality tires that save fuel, last longer a... >

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11-09-2015 Collaboration on climate change: how to avoid ‘death by initiatives’ This week I attended an engaging B4E event in London centered round the question: how to h... >

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