We’re proud of what we’ve achieved since 2013.

Drive transparency

We united over 150 multinationals in adopting the GLEC Framework and provided the principles of the new ISO standard for quantification of logistics emissions.

Catalyze collaboration

We're uniting members in our portfolio of programs and projects that cover the full supply chain and all transportation modes.

Set the standard

We developed guidance and supported organizations in setting Science-based targets, sustainable procurement, understanding impact of low emission fuels and vehicles, and more through our dedicated projects.

Training organizations and upscaling their competencies

We trained 76 people in developing their Sustainable Logistics Roadmap and trained 150+ people through our general SFC training offering.

About us

We bring together and work with the global logistics community towards efficient and zero-emissions global freight.

Partners and Funders

SFC is supported by a network of partners and funders that share our vision of a zero-emissions freight and logistics.


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