Webinars and Events

Webinars and Events

Smart Freight Centre (SFC) is advocating for the decarbonization of the logistics industry through external engagements and often present as a host or co-host of knowledge sessions, webinars and events. Through these engagements we educate and inform relevant industry stakeholders about specific themes regarding the decarbonization of logistics.

The below overview provides you with a list of our upcoming webinars & events where you can register and participate.

To learn more about SFC’s external engagements, reach out to info@smartfreightcentre.org.

We also deliver live trainings via webinar through our Smart Freight Learning Centre.

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Upcoming Webinars and Events

The future of greenhouse gas emissions accounting in the logistics sector: an introduction to ISO14083 and the SFC Assurance Scheme

  • 27 September 2023
  • 15:30-17:00

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With the increasing presence of various legislations and proposals, the necessity for a harmonized GHG emissions calculation method in freight transport chains has become more pronounced than ever. The publication of ISO 14083 in March 2023 marks a significant step towards achieving greater transparency in understanding the climate change impact resulting from freight transport and, more importantly, how to address and mitigate it. In alignment with our commitment to support the industry in enhancing reporting accuracy, Smart Freight Centre has introduced a substantial update to the GLEC Framework and is set to publish the GLEC Framework version 3 in September 2023. Additionally, we have launched an Assurance Scheme to encourage adoption of the ISO 14083 standard, further advancing our mission to foster better environmental practices within the logistics sector.

Join our upcoming webinar to understand what these changes mean to you. In this insightful session, we will delve into the key changes that ISO 14083 brings to the table for Scope 1 and Scope 3 reporting, and how the updated GLEC Framework version 3 incorporates these changes. In addition, learn about how Smart Freight Centre’s GHG reporting performance levels, and how they go beyond ISO 14083 to show where the industry should be heading (data quality, transparency). Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding and ensure compliance with the latest industry standards for logistics emissions reporting.

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Welcome and Introduction

  • Fernando Liesa, Program Manager TG1 (ALICE)

The future of logistics GHG emission accounting: how the latest GLEC developments helps companies prepare.

  • Kathrin Schuller, GLEC Program Manager (Smart Freight Centre)

Updates to the GLEC Framework in version 3 and relationship to ISO 14083

  • Alan Lewis, Chief Technical Officer (Smart Freight Centre)

Overview of Smart Freight Centre’s Conformity Assessment Scheme

  • Ana Dahlin, Assurance Manager (Smart Freight Centre)

Additional information

For more information about further projects you can join to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in global freight transportation, follow this link: SFC Project

Climate Week New York - Transport Decarbonization Events

  • September 18 - 20, 2023

Join us at Climate Week New York as we actively engage in multiple Transport Decarbonization Events! If you're passionate about tackling climate change and transforming the transportation sector, we invite you to connect with us through our dedicated Climate Week events landing page.