Smart Freight Centre India

Our purpose

Smart Freight Centre India (SFC India) aims to minimize the climate impact of the freight and logistics sector in India.  Targeting one of the world's largest freight markets, SFC India recognizes the urgent need to address the projected increase in CO₂ emissions.


Goals and Ambitions

We are dedicated to reversing the projected increase in CO₂ emissions (400%) by 2047. Through collaboration, we aim to create regional communities for action, starting with eco-driving and fuel efficiency measures. We also plan to explore investments like vehicle electrification for further emission reduction.


Creating Regional Communities for Action

Together with esteemed organizations and experts, we quantify freight emissions, identify solutions, and build regional capacity. We encourage logistics service providers and shippers to adopt the GLEC Framework and participate in capacity-building programs.


Our Vision for a Transformed Sector

We envision a freight and logistics sector in India that is sustainable, environmentally responsible, and actively mitigating climate impacts. At SFC India, we aim to lead this transformation by seeking commitments from LSPs and shippers to adopt emission reduction strategies.


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