CLEVER Project Paves The Way For Standardizing Transport Emission Factors

Amsterdam, June 5, 2024 - The highly anticipated CLEVER project, aimed at establishing credible emission factors as input to the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector, officially kicked off on the 1st of June
2024. Smart Freight Centre will provide technical guidance to this innovative initiative that brings together a consortium of leading experts and stakeholders from various European countries to drive sustainable practices and combat climate change.


A collaborative effort led by a multi-faceted team of specialist organizations, the CLEVER project aims to tackle a critical obstacle in calculating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the transport sector. The focus is to develop a cross-cutting methodology that leads to standardized emission factors that cover various transport modes, fuels (both new and conventional), and production methods. These factors will encompass the entire energy lifecycle, from production to end use, and will offer clearer guidelines for calculating and accounting GHG emissions across all modes of transport. The CLEVER Framework will ensure consistency in calculating emissions for new energy sources, adapts to industry changes, and employs methods for accurate and quantifiable emissions, ensuring relevance for both policy and business purposes. It adopts a multi-stakeholder approach, involving global participants in the design, creation, and assessment process.

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey towards a greener future for the transport industry. By leveraging the latest advancements in emission accounting and fostering international cooperation, the CLEVER project is poised to make a significant contribution to reducing carbon footprints and promoting sustainable practices.”

Jeanett Bolther
Project Coordinator

“The lack of a common approach to emission factors has been a barrier to reliable calculation of GHG emissions from transport for too long. We aim to remove the current uncertainty for those who rely on GHG calculation outputs in their decarbonization decision making by building consensus and setting the future standard in this important subject area.”

Alan Lewis
CLEVER technical lead

Over the course of the project, numerous international experts will be involved in emission factor development, certification and use to ensure an active participation from international experts to create and share groundbreaking findings.

Stay tuned for updates on the CLEVER project’s progress as we work towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future in the transport sector.

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