ZEFI organized a workshop focusing on the solutions and challenges of charging battery electric heavy-duty trucks for medium and long haul road transportation

Beijing, P.R.China, 10 November 2022 - Zero Emission Freight Initiative (ZEFI) organized a workshop focusing on the solutions and challenges of charging battery electric heavy-duty trucks for medium and long haul road transportation in Beijing. About 100 representatives from government think tanks, OEMs, charging and swapping technology facilities suppliers, highway infrastructure operators, and power companies attended the workshop online and offline

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Driven by China's carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, new energy heavy-duty trucks developed rapidly in China. From January to September 2022, the total sales of new energy heavy-duty trucks reached 15,515 units with a year-on-year increase of 257%. New trucks are mainly used in short-distance transportation scenarios such as ports, mines, urban freight, and iron and steel plants. For medium and long haul road transportation, which has the largest energy consumption and carbon emission in the transportation industry, the promotion and application of electric heavy-duty trucks still faces many challenges, such as insufficient charging infrastructure and replacing of electric heavy-duty trucks, urgent improvement of battery swapping technologies and aligning current policies.

In this context, the ZEFI Secretariat hosted the workshop, chaired by Wang Boyong, the director of Smart Freight Centre China. Since the establishment of ZEFI, building the entire ecosystem and digging deeper into the challenges and opportunities of zero emission freight has been highly anticipated by the sector. Based on the current situation of charging and battery swapping development and road-network coordination, a consensus recognized by multiple parties is urgently needed.

Several industry experts of initiating agencies and core institutions, including the Experiment and Verification Center of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, the Beijing Branch of Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport, the Tianjin Branch of State Grid Electric Power Company, the International Council on Clean Transportation, Scania, Shanghai Ronghe Junjiu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, were invited to share industry progress, policy interpretation, international cases and best practices.

The panel discussion, hosted by Li Lili, the deputy director of Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute of Tsinghua University, invited shippers, logistics and transportation service providers, charging and battery swapping equipment and service providers, OEMs, government representatives and research institution experts to share actual demands and challenges from different perspectives.

''The workshop fully demonstrated the difficulties and challenges of charging heavy-duty trucks for medium and long haul transportation. It is expected that through technology iteration, cost reduction, and implementation of scenarios and pilots, zero-emission freight from consensus to action will be jointly promoted and achieved.''
- Chen Jianhua, Program Officer of the Transportation Program, Energy Foundation China

About ZEFI

ZEFI is a voluntary platform that aligns China’s freight industry (shippers, LSP, carriers and suppliers), government agencies and supporting organizations' (industry associations, research institutes, foundations, development agencies, NGOs) efforts in achieving efficient and zero emission freight in China.