Clean Cargo

What Clean Cargo is

A partnership supporting the decarbonization of containerized ocean cargo transportation
Clean Cargo is a collaborative partnership between ocean container carriers, freight forwarders, and cargo owners. Clean Cargo focuses on tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from container shipping and sharing ocean container freight decarbonization best practices.

All SFC members can participate in Clean Cargo.


Learn more about which SFC members participate in the Clean Cargo partnership.

Data and Methods

Learn more about the methods applied to generate decision useful emission performance information for forwarders and shippers participating in Clean Cargo.

History of Clean Cargo

Learn more about the history of Clean Cargo and the role Clean Cargo has played in containership greenhouse gas emission reporting and decarbonization best practice sharing.

What Clean Cargo does

Through Clean Cargo, SFC provides methods and tools that generate high quality, decision useful containership greenhouse gas emissions performance information for Clean Cargo carriers, shippers, and forwarders. Clean Cargo also serves as a forum where ocean container carriers, forwarders, and shippers can come together to collaborate and share decarbonization best practices.

SFC staff oversee the regular creation and disclosure of carrier specific greenhouse gas emission performance information according to transparent, industry accepted Clean Cargo methods. There is no other program, initiative, or service – voluntary or regulatory – that generates containership emissions performance information at the level of aggregation, level of quality, and with the foundation in primary carrier data as that generated by Clean Cargo.

Join us

All SFC members can participate in Clean Cargo.

Because of the sensitive nature of some of the data managed under Clean Cargo, different participants in Clean Cargo have access to different aspects of the partnership.

Any SFC member can participate in Clean Cargo best practices sharing.

Ocean container carriers
that participate in Clean Cargo submit operational and technical data to SFC that SFC uses to calculate carrier specific emission performance information. The carriers have access to their own emission performance information for benchmarking and for greenhouse gas emission inventory calculations and disclosures.

Ocean container shippers and forwarders
that participate in Clean Cargo receive access to the reporting carriers’ emission performance information. This emission performance information can be used to support the forwarders and shippers’ greenhouse gas emission inventory calculations and their carrier procurement decision making.

Clean Cargo carriers include the largest container operators in the world as well as smaller operators. This diversity in carrier participation brings both a comprehensive scope and a varied perspective to Clean Cargo emissions performance reporting. Clean Cargo forwarders and shippers are also numerous and diverse, making Clean Cargo a unique buyer-supplier forum for container shipping decarbonization best practice sharing.
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Clean Cargo announcement (November 2021)

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