Fleet Electrification Coalition

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The Fleet Electrification Coalition (FEC) aims to speed up large-scale ​e-truck deployment by leveraging the power of demand aggregation​. FEC is part of the Sustainable Fleet Buyers Alliance (SFBA), a Smart Freight Centre-led initiative. FEC's vision is to:

  • Increase supply and reduce cost of eTrucks through a set of framework agreements to purchase 100k+ units​
  • Ensure roll-out of adequate charging network by supporting public network roll-out sequence, shared use, and volume commitments​
  • Reduce entry barriers to facilitate electrification of 3rd party providers and SMEs​

What will this project deliver in 2023?

The FEC is a unique shaping opportunity in the first half of 2023 for supply and demand actors to jointly define e-truck ramp-up. The FEC will work along 3 workstreams in the first 12 months:

Defining the ​partnership model
  • Set joint goals and define the action plan with all stakeholders​
  • Shape the coalition’s collaboration, operating and value creation model

Building the fact base
  • Estimate members’ and market charging infrastructure needs​
  • Develop the TCO model​
  • Define potential financing solutions​
  • Compare demand needs with current supply side and estimate gap

Bending the curve for ​eMHDV adoption
  • Engage OEMs and other parties to understand and tackle barriers​
  • Determine and prioritize supply acceleration and cost reduction levers
  • Develop deployment plan for charging infrastructure
  • Securing e-truck supply by tendering for framework agreements

Why should you join this project?

  • Ability to become a front-runner in sustainability through enabling subcontractors / LSPs in fleet electrification

  • Faster and cheaper (5-10%) access to eTrucks and charging
  • Easier access to contract incentives and financing mechanisms for SMEs

Logistics Service Providers
  • Faster and cheaper electrification of own fleets
  • Enabling sub-contractors to electrify through collective access to eTrucks and charging infrastructure

Your contribution to FEC

We are currently assembling the cohort of founding members to work with us to shape the FEC. Founding members will:

Participate in detailed working sessions
  • Join working sessions to communicate your company's goals and help shape the coalition's objectives and approaches

Join the 'clean team' to share data
  • Share data with us in a safe, 'clean team' environment so we can begin evaluating impact and shaping our joint needs across e-trucks and infrastructure

Commit own resources to FEC team
  • Nominate internal experts (including members from operational fleet teams) to get involved in the coalition building and development.

Interested in FEC?

Download these slide decks for more information:

How to join?

For more information, contact Ruben van Doorn, Fleet Electrification Coalition Lead, at ruben.van.doorn@smartfreightcentre.org.

More on SFC electrification projects

Interested in the electrification of road freight? Smart Freight Centre offers an additional electrification project that your organization might benefit from: the Road Freight Electrification Guidance. The Guidance is accessible to all SFC Members, and will synergize, where possible, with the Fleet Electrification Coalition.

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