Our training courses

Smart Freight Centre's vision is an efficient and zero-emissions global freight and logistics sector. Our role is to guide companies on their journey, and one way we do this is through training.

1. Develop your Sustainable Logistics Roadmap´╗┐

Build up and improve your company specific roadmap to net zero-emissions through our 10-session live webinar training course, using our 4 steps: where are we now, where are we going, how do we get there and what do we need. Kick-off September 2021.

2. GLEC Framework e-training

Apply and understand the basics of calculating and reporting of GHG emissions for your global supply chain in our 3-hour e-training. It covers the essence of how to calculate according to the GLEC Framework and why this is important.

3. Smart Transport Manager Training - Online

Do you want to learn more about our Smart Transport Manager training, but would rather do it at your own pace? Check out our 4-hour online version.

4. Smart Transport Manager Training - Classroom

Learn how you or your subcontractors can save more than 5% on truck fleet fuel consumption each year. Our 2-day classroom training will teach you how to reduce your emissions and cut costs within your own transport operation. Check out where you can join us.