Our SFC Accredited partners

Work with our SFC Accredited partners

SFC’s Accreditation program is designed to help companies in their choice of external support to set up and manage their logistics emission accounting and reporting.

By choosing one of our SFC Accredited partners for your accounting and reporting, you can be confident that the GLEC Framework methodology is correctly applied.

These can be tools and programs designed to offer the calculation and reporting as a service or in-house tools, that companies use to provide individual greenhouse gas emission reporting to their customers.

You can use external support to set up and manage your logistics emission accounting. Each of our SFC Accredited partners is issued with an individual accreditation certificate which lasts for 12 months before a renewal is required.

If your company is already calculating logistics emissions in conformance with the GLEC Framework with or without external support, and if you would like to check your companies annual reporting based on input data, calculation and reporting method, we recommend our SFC Validation service.

Tools and programs

Tools and programs that support companies by credibly calculating and reporting logistics GHG emissions against the industry standard – the GLEC Framework.
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BigMile is a calculation and analysis platform which logistics service providers and shippers can use to optimize and report on their multimodal transport-related CO2 emissions.
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CleanMile turns shippers’ transportation data into effective emissions reduction initiatives by analyzing a transportation network’s carbon footprint and intensity at the shipment level. CleanMile enables shippers to track transportation network lifecycle emissions, create a reduction roadmap, and execute targeted low carbon solutions.
Climatiq logo inline
Climatiq provides a user-friendly API for large-scale carbon intelligence, empowering sustainability teams to automate carbon emission calculations. Effortlessly transform shipments or journeys into actionable emission data, covering all transportation modes globally. With smart routing and compliant, auditable reporting, Climatiq is your technology partner in building a greener future.
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Cloverly is the technology platform that helps companies build innovative digital products by leveraging its marketplace for high-quality carbon credits and certified emissions calculations.
Ecotransit World Logo
EcoTransIT World provides software for automatic calculations of energy consumption, carbon emissions, air pollutants and external costs. It enables the complete calculation of global transport chains across all modes of transport including transshipments/ warehousing. The advantage of the tool is the energy-based bottom-up approach using a built-in routing algorithm and big data integration (third party). The methodology is provided by independent scientific institutes.
Erguvan Logo
Erguvan (erguvan.co) is a provider of digital infrastructure for corporate climate action. The company offers a B2B marketplace for direct, secure, transparent and cost-effective access to carbon credits and renewable energy certificates along with API-centric carbon accounting solutions for businesses.
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GreenRouter is a tool that enables you to measure your carbon footprint across the supply chain. Thanks to its advanced simulation models, GreenRouter helps users to make informed decisions.
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LogEC is a tool that helps you focus on and improve sustainability by enabling you to calculate and analyze the footprint of your shipments. LogEC calculates the emissions for CO2 and CO2e.
Lune logo 512
Turn climate action into accelerated business growth using Lune’s software and API for emissions calculation and high-quality carbon offsetting.
MPO A Kinaxis Company
MPO is a Multi Party Orchestration Platform that empowers its customers to calculate GHG impact, meet their supply chain sustainability goals, and monitor success. The supply chain execution software enables shippers and logistics service providers to set targets, plan and execute all order flows according to the lowest carbon footprint, report on emissions for all orders, factor impact into carrier selection, and determine supply chain landed costs that include sustainability.
Planetly One Trust Blue RGB
Planetly by OneTrust is a leading climate tech company, enabling businesses to analyse, reduce and offset their carbon emissions and to implement holistic ESG management.
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Pledge is a suite of climate tools that allow businesses to easily integrate carbon footprint measurement, reduction and removal across any mode of transport.
PTV Group Logo black
PTV’s route optimization software and scalable developer APIs enable transport planners to optimize routes and schedules, save costs and accurately calculate fleet's vehicle emissions at the same time.
Reff Tool
REff tool was developed by Fraunhofer IML to support companies when carbon and energy auditing their logistics sites and is available online.
Routescanner logo compact dark green
Routescanner accelerates sustainable decision-making in global container logistics. Our platform supports continuous portfolio analysis and provides actionable insights for door-to-door transportation based on daily updated schedule information. We make global container shipping transparent and drive a reduction in the industry’s carbon footprint.
Searoutes provides CO2 emissions calculation seamlessly accessible to carriers, shippers and freight forwarders to report, analyze and reduce their Scope 3 carbon emissions.
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Sightness Carbon is a tool based on bp2r’s transportation expertise where GHG emissions calculation is based on actual energy consumption and integrates complexity of freight’s routing. It provides calculation, reporting and optimization on all modes and locations.
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Shipzero helps shippers, logistics service providers and carriers to calculate, report and manage transport emissions, and facilitates data-driven decisions on the path to net-zero emissions.
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Siemens Digital Logistics specializes in the digital transformation of logistical processes. The company, part of the Siemens family, is a leading IT provider in global supply chain management with a portfolio of end-to-end software and consulting solutions which is supported by a state-of-the-art IT ecosystem. This includes the AX4 logistics platform with some 500,000 users worldwide and the Supply Chain Suite (SCS) for the data-driven analysis, simulation, and optimization of logistical processes.
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Easy. Fast. Smart. Sure. SQUAKE is the SaaS solution powering accurate carbon calculations and providing tangible compensation of all travel and transport related emissions.
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Sustaining Supply Chains delivers transport CO2 emission calculations and helps companies to plan and implement reduction measures to improve their performance.
Tk Blue
TK’Blue is a tool that evaluates the quality of transportation to improve efficiency, offering sustainable solutions for shippers, carriers and freight forwarders.
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Transporeon Carbon Visibility is an open solution for all transport modes that displays the most accurate results based on the quality of data provided. Actionable insights empower users to manage emissions throughout the whole supply chain from one multifunctional dashboard. Reports are also available to download.
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VesselBot provides the market with a monitoring and calculation system that models maritime fuel vessel consumption of the global fleet, with the latest proprietary technology giving you state-of-the-art insight into your maritime freight emissions.

In-house tools from LSPs

In-house tools that logistics service providers (LSPs) use for individual logistics GHG emissions calculation and reporting for their customers against the industry standard – the GLEC Framework.
CH Robinson Emissions IQ 1
C.H. Robinson solves logistics problems for companies across the globe and across industries, from the simple to the most complex. Clients can leverage Emissions IQ™ to measure and help reduce a supply chain’s carbon emissions in a self-serve tool.
CH Robinson Supply Chain consulting 1
C.H. Robinson solves logistics problems for companies across the globe and across industries, from the simple to the most complex. C.H. Robinson Supply Chain Consulting helps clients improve service, drive efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and eliminate unnecessary costs across their supply chain—from planning to execution.
Convoy block roarange
Convoy is the nation's leading digital freight network. We move thousands of truckloads around the country each day through our optimized, connected network of carriers, saving money for shippers, increasing earnings for drivers, and eliminating carbon waste for our planet.
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Flexport is the modern freight forwarder with an in-app carbon calculator to assess emissions across all modes of transport.

Accreditation statement

LKW WALTER is a premium supplier for FULL TRUCK LOADS. Their GREEN transport environmental initiative takes important steps to gradually improve the ecological footprint at their locations and when transporting goods. With more than 14.500 cranable trailers LKW WALTER is one of Europe's leading providers in European combined rail/road transport as well as short sea shipping.
Sennder Logo Horizontal
sennder is the leading European digital freight forwarder that connects commercial shippers with small trucking companies. sennder’s proprietary digital solution reduces inefficiencies in the shipping process: lowering costs for shippers, increasing revenues for carriers and reducing industry CO2 emissions.