Our SFC Accredited partners

Work with our SFC Accredited partners

SFC’s Accreditation program is designed to help companies in their choice of external support to set up and manage their logistics emission accounting and reporting.

By choosing one of our SFC Accredited partners for your accounting and reporting, you can be confident that the GLEC Framework methodology is correctly applied.

These can be tools and programs designed to offer the calculation and reporting as a service or in-house tools, that companies use to provide individual greenhouse gas emission reporting to their customers.

You can use external support to set up and manage your logistics emission accounting. Each of our SFC Accredited partners is issued with an individual accreditation certificate which lasts for 12 months before a renewal is required.

If your company is already calculating logistics emissions in conformance with the GLEC Framework with or without external support, and if you would like to check your companies annual reporting based on input data, calculation and reporting method, we recommend our SFC Validation service.

Tools and programs

Tools and programs that support companies by credibly calculating and reporting logistics GHG emissions against the industry standard – the GLEC Framework.
Carrypicker is a transport management system that makes transportation easier and more economical, finding the best carrier and the smartest route to your customers.
Clean Cargo
The Clean Cargo Working Group is a green freight program. The Clean Cargo methodology serves as a baseline input to the GLEC Framework's sea freight module.
Ecotransit World Logo
EcoTransIT World is a tool that calculates environmental impacts of different transport modes across the world.
Green Router
GreenRouter is a tool that enables you to measure your carbon footprint across the supply chain. Thanks to its advanced simulation models, GreenRouter helps users to make informed decisions.
Reff Tool
REff tool was developed by Fraunhofer IML to support companies when carbon and energy auditing their logistics sites and is available online.
Searoutes provides CO2 emissions calculation seamlessly accessible to carriers, shippers and freight forwarders to report, analyze and reduce their Scope 3 carbon emissions.
Tk Blue
TK’Blue is a tool that evaluates the quality of transportation to improve efficiency, offering sustainable solutions for shippers, carriers and freight forwarders.
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LogEC is a tool that helps you focus on and improve sustainability by enabling you to calculate and analyze the footprint of your shipments. LogEC calculates the emissions for CO2 and CO2e.
Sustain logo nieuw
Sustaining Supply Chains delivers transport CO2 emission calculations and helps companies to plan and implement reduction measures to improve their performance.
Tracks logo use
Tracks has developed automated software to measure primary road-freight data, empowering companies to manage and moderate their Scope 3 CO2 emissions in conformance with the GLEC Framework.

In-house tools from LSPs

In-house tools that logistics service providers (LSPs) use for individual logistics GHG emissions calculation and reporting for their customers against the industry standard – the GLEC Framework.
C h robinson
C.H. Robinson solves logistics problems for companies across the globe and across industries, from the simple to the most complex.
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Flexport is the modern freight forwarder with an in-app carbon calculator to assess emissions across all modes of transport.
Sennder Logo Horizontal
sennder is the leading European digital freight forwarder that connects commercial shippers with small trucking companies. sennder’s proprietary digital solution reduces inefficiencies in the shipping process: lowering costs for shippers, increasing revenues for carriers and reducing industry CO2 emissions.