Smart Freight Centre 10 Year Anniversary

Towards zero emissions global freight and logistics

About us

Smart Freight Centre (SFC) is an international non-profit organization focused on reducing greenhouse gas emission from freight transportation.

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Our Vision

A zero-emission global logistics sector by 2050 or earlier, consistent with 1.5° pathways.


Our Mission

To accelerate the reduction of logistics emissions by fostering collaboration within the global logistics ecosystem.


Our Goal

Mobilize the global logistics ecosystem, in particular our members and partners, in tracking and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to achieve 1.5° pathways​.

Decarbonizing the logistics industry with targeted programs

Become a Member

Organizations on their journey to freight decarbonization can become a member of the SFC community. Members have access to a wide portfolio of programs and initiatives to help them collaborate to improve their GHG emission performance and supply chain economics.

We offer a two-tiered membership structure: Premium and Base.

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Our activities

We offer a wide range of services to help you decarbonize your organization.


Smart Freight Centre believes in a collaborative effort from the logistics industry while working towards developing long term sustainable goals and solutions, and has undertaken a diverse range of projects, spanning across the global logistics industry. Each project showcases an unwavering commitment towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions in global freight transportation. Learn more.


We offer trainings that help you create and implement a sustainable logistics roadmap, take you through calculation of your emissions with the GLEC Framework and the ISO standards, and help you become a change agent within your organization to accelerate your sustainability goals.

Browse through our webinar courses and our self-paced e-trainings and see which one suits you best! Visit our Smart Freight Centre Academy.


Smart Freight Centre (SFC) offers a solution for companies facing the challenge of accurately calculating and reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their freight transportation and logistics activities. By partnering with SFC Accredited tools and programs, companies can ensure that the GLEC Framework, the industry standard for GHG emissions, is applied correctly. SFC Accreditation assesses the methodological conformance and reporting alignment with the GLEC Framework, providing companies with trusted and credible calculations and reports. SFC Accreditation is aimed at tools and programs that seek to support their client companies in demonstrating conformity with the GLEC Framework to both internal and external stakeholders. Learn more.

Regional Offices

Learn more about our work to accelerate decarbonization through our regional offices in China and India.

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3 weeks, 2 days ago

Smart Freight Centre and Implement Consulting Group launch “Procurement Playbook Toward Zero Emissions Logistics Services” to integrate sustainability within logistics procurement

Amsterdam, March 27 - In a strategic collaboration, Smart Freight Centre has joined forces with Implement Consulting Group with the backing of the First Movers Coalition (FMC) and Scope 3 Peer Group to develop and launch the "Procurement Playbook Toward Zero Emissions Logistics Services". This innovative playbook is designed to empower shippers and freight buyers to optimize sustainable logistics procurement by aligning with industry-recognized standards and raising the bar.

1 month, 1 week ago

IATA and Smart Freight Centre Join Forces on CO2 Emission Calculations

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Smart Freight Centre (SFC) announced a partnership to provide consistent and transparent CO2 emissions calculations for air cargo shipments. This is an important step for the global air transport sector to advance its decarbonization efforts.